Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why isn't Anthony Trister's CSM a scam?!?

1. Because it's so inexpensive.

2. Because you learn something.

Why is it a scam?

a. Because he doesn't deliver on his promises - other than a few.

b. Because he lays out in his video's exactly how he runs these "releases".

Sure, you only pay only $37 - but all you get is exposed to a bunch of affiliate sales moguls.

Their lists are people who are addicted to "Internet Marketing" and haven't learned how to distinguish between real and exaggerated.

Consider me wrong? Look over his videos in his "Million Dollar Launch Secrets" and find exactly what he planned to do all along.

Was he really going to keep this going? Nope. Didn't have a history of it and it's run the course he set for it.

Expect him to surface in a month or so crowing about how much money he made in so little time.

What you really see is how much education he delivered - to people who bought his hosting package and then immediately had to move over to somewhere else. Wanna bet they didn't just trade off all that for some email addresses?

Take my advice and visit SBI to get a real hosting which delivers on their promises for real.

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  1. Come on people! I'm an immigrant and I know this is a scam. He drives Range Rover. That's a 60-80 K car. He vacationed in Thailand. That's the cheapest place on earth! Whistler? Come on. I can drive there, too and spend weeks and weeks. None of these takes millions of dollars. If he showed private jets and yachts and bentleys and ferraris...maybe I will believe him a little more. What a scam. Cannot believe people still go for this and fall for it.