Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Coffeeshop Millionaire and MLM both Fail.

The answer is in a video that Simon Sinek did about 3 years ago for TED: 

Reason: Anthony Trister and his buddies (like most marketers) are really just telling you hows and whats.

Let's face it, making a million bucks by learning how to pitch and close affiliate sales isn't all that interesting. Not enough to bet your life on.

Sure, it's amusing for awhile, educational, interesting. But tell me why most people in Affiliate Marketing and MLM "opportunities" spend a great deal of money and rarely make over $500 income any average year (note: that's income, not profit.)

Because they don't know and don't agree with any Why. If they're told one.

"We have a great program that can make you rich!" That's a How and a What.

Where's the Why is getting rich?

How do movements continue after their founder has passed on, and succeed beyond anyone's dreams?

Because they have a Why greater than their How or What.

"Getting Rich" is a How - so you can then accomplish, achieve, or acquire What?

None of these are a Why - which is the reason which keeps getting you up every morning.

Sure Trister lays out the what and how in his "underground" video's. Great. And?!?

Just to cut this short - you need to follow a real leader. And leaders lead with inspiring Why's.

I'm in the middle of upturning all the traditional, conventional wisdom in marketing.

It's not that what Trister and Co. say don't work. But the failure rate is way too high.

Because "getting rich" and "not having to work for a living" are only How's and What's.

You have to know and share your WHY in order to get a following.

That's your challenge.

(Stay tuned for updates as we break this down backwards...)

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