Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coffee Shop Millionaire Release: organized super-hype - or - controlled chaos you love

You really have to understand the difference between a "make money online" scam and Internet Marketing to really appreciate Anthony Trister's Coffee Shop Millionaire video series: "Million Dollar Launch Secrets". (Of course you can always get your self scam free, first.)

I'm just over half-way through the several hours of video's he's put inside his site. This is really, overall, an incredible education on how Internet Marketers work behind the scenes to get the maximal sales methods.

Right now, I'm working through a video called "The Launch Schedule". While Anthony is adament about only offering the highest-quality products, he also uses "agressive" sales techniques. And this is what differs him from a simple scam. (Scammers just don't care about whether people drop off and start hitting the forums to criticize where they got it from. To them, it's simply a numbers-game - and guess what: you're just a number.)

Anthony plays this different. He's honest. What he offers in this video is how to start and stop your offer, as well as the emails you need to send out and when. And a lot of these are built on the point of creating some real scarcity of supply, which in turn heightens demand.

When the buzz gets out about how people really profited from this product - and it was actually (as promised) a much greater value for the price - then that word of mouth in turn brings more customers back, plus adds to the returning clients who want more.

Before this, I'd never heard of Trister. Because I don't do forex or other trading. And that was where he learned his marketing methods. But that's OK with Anthony, because as he says, it's often easier to be the guy behind the guru than it is to be the guru himself. Another person in these videos said that this strategy is to "play a second-base position in order to get first-base income."

But even with the various oops and goofs that can happen in pre-launch (as one of the videos in this particular series covers), I'm still convinced that Anthony has cobbled together an incredible product of these several dozen videos that you can study over time.

Right now, I have at least four new approaches to earning money locally and online that I didn't know before - and lots more affiliate products I can push from my end to earn extra passive income without having to work at some dreary day job (or extra moonlight second jobs) in order to get the extra money to meet my weekly budget.

And I still have about 22 more videos that I really want to see, plus over a dozen background technical videos to watch as a review of technical basics. While I wouldn't call it "pumped", I would say that I'm more than satisfied with what the Coffee Shop Millionaire has delivered so far.

PS. This product is still in pre-release for the next week or so. And it's really a low, low price for what you can get out of it.  Click this link to get your own copy today - remember, it's a money-back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose...

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