Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coffee Shop Millionaire - a learning experience

This is a unique opportunity. Really unique.

However, we aren't going to approach this normally. Instead we've got this singular chance to learn how some of this Internet Marketing (IM) works. I just found someone's "Big Offer" is coming out. And we can learn from this as he does it.

The problem with IM has always been its hype. Now, the only difference between marketing and a scam is the intent. The intent proves the result. But in between the lines, there are some fascinating lessons to learn.

Unfortunately, I don't know how far you've gotten on the lessons I've left for you. The two I'd recommend are "Get Your Self Scam Free" and "Online Sunshine Plan".

Once you have these under your belt, then you now are able to dissect what these marketers are actually doing based on what you now know. It becomes a very fascinating study at that point. Particularly and only because you can do this dissection from an ethical view. (And those who do scam with this knowledge reap exactly and completely what they sow - even if you warn them. Because they don't trust anyone.)

The reason I'm sending this to you is to give you your chance to decipher the way these guys get people to buy. To get people into action with their credit cards - which is a virtual level of change, creating a tiny level of trust in their potential clients. This will tell you more about yourself and your buying habits than you really want to know.

What you do with that knowledge is up to you. My own view is to use this to improve this world - to help it wake up as it's currently doing. We can help them all do it faster.

All the sales pages, all the videos are simply ways to manipulate the common programming that most people have. That programming says that marketing is simply a numbers game - that out of every 100 people, 3 will usually buy what you offer. Some particular techniques will speed this up and create greater than usual responses.

If you know marketing, you can then give people a wider choice. You can steer them into simply accessing the data which will allow them to re-program themselves any way they want. All these lessons have been around since time immemorial - but recently, some of the remaining few pieces have fallen together. [Such as I wrote up in "Freedom Is (period.)"]

OK. If you haven't gone through these two, here's the links:

Get Scam Free is available as fast as you want to study the lessons at:

Online Millionaire Plan is all available at - it's a bit scattered, but it's all there. Look under courses and you'll see the lessons - the book's key material as outlined on the blog pages. (There's just too much to release in a abridged version.)

The steps (all of these are no-cost, except your time):
  1.  Get through "Scam Free" and understand it.
  2. Get through the basics of "Online Sunshine Plan"
  3. Sign up as an affiliate at the link below.

Within these, you'll be able to learn the basics of everything there is to Marketing and Sales - after that, it's just practice. And if you've only been a buyer up to this point, you can use this data to sort out that programming. Sure, there seems to be a lot of re-programming needed. But it gets faster as you go. For now, there's this "hot release" starting up on Clickbank.

If you go to you'll see it. Now if you aren't savvy with all these technical marketing terms he's throwing around, then google what he says to get the gen. ("A/B split testing" and all that.)

If you don't have a Clickbank account, the link is at so you can sign up. And you'll see the (cheesy) banner ads and copy there (and some of these ads are on this page...)

I have a great deal more to go over with you as I can - some I continue to find as I go - but we can start with this. I'm sorry if this catches you a bit flat-footed. As the saying goes, "Luck is opportunity met with preparation."

As I said above, this is a window we can use to jump in on this learning experience. A couple of weeks, anyway, before the thing goes live. But all he's covering here is a prime example of Internet Marketers marketing to Internet Marketers, which is one of the funniest jokes I've witnessed for awhile. It's a very competitive, cut-throat field. But salesmen love a good pitch. Once you get through the above lessons, you'll see the bulk of what this guy Anthony Trister is doing with very standard online sales techniques.

I'm just suggesting that you go ahead and sign up as an affiliate even if you don't have a list to offer it to.

Because I think learning from this scenario is even more fascinating than making money from it. But then, I'm probably wired a little different - especially since I went through all I have and lived to write about it.

Otherwise, I'd just send you an offer so you could get hooked, and I'd then get a nice little affiliate check later.  And I will be, later. But there's a couple of weeks you can use between now and then to study up and scam-proof yourself against any and all sales offers - and be on the inside of while this is getting released. And it's more important to me that you get yourself more free than any amount of money I get paid from affiliate sales.

Yes, you are just one of a handful on this planet right now who are able to learn from the inside out. My list just isn't that big - and the percentage of people who have signed up to learn something about Internet marketing is not the biggest part of it. So this is your personal, special offer. And again, you're one of a very tiny few who know.

Of course, you can simply skip this. But if you've read to this point, then you might as well go the rest of the way. It's that red pill/blue pill question.

Either way, as I'm fond of saying, it's your choice.

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