Friday, February 11, 2011

How they did it - while they do it - Coffee Shop Millionaire Secrets Revealed!?!

Hello again.

The pitches are flying now as we are in pre-release mode.  So I sent most of today's post out to my own list subscribers.

The reason I did something so counter-intuitive was that the guys who have opted-in to my list aren't your run-of-the mill customers. (And since you've found this blog, you're included.)

While it would be improper to give you the pitch I was emailed, I wanted to update you on the progress.

Yesterday, I went through this guys video's. Well, I downloaded them all, anyway. I'll be sorting through them this weekend and doing reviews of them. The impression I have now: so far, so good.

As I can, I've blogged my studies here - and of course, these aren't perfect either.

If I had you in front of me, I could tell you exactly what is going on. But these emails and blogs are the best way to let you know.

This is mostly a video site. Heavy bandwidth use.  They are in pre-launch, a tiny few of the links don't work. But that's to be expected. And what's missing at this writing (of course, I sent them support tickets on these ) isn't really important (one deals with setting up domain names and the other three are how to set up a wordpress blog) because anyone can pick this up readily.

What I do see out of what he's put together from several affiliates is a system which can start earning you income online with just the time you have available and your internet connection. If you like to talk to your community and business owners, there's ways you can help them make the transition to online so they can help their customers and clients better - ways that most businesses aren't taking advantage of.

And he is actually laying out how to simply deal with people who sign up to your list and open your emails (like the one I sent.)  The methods for creating online sales and joint-venture productions (releases) that generate tons of income are all here, and seem to this point to be all valid (I'll keep you posted on this blog as I get them reviewed.)

But I just wanted to assure you that this stuff works and it's available for really cheap, one-time payment. Yes, there are all sorts of services you can opt-in to in order to get some time-payments going and make your credit card companies happy. But the main stuff is simply available for the initial $37 special price. (Of course I shouldn't tell you that as part of "good salesmanship" - but then, you aren't stupid and can see through these pitches - which is why I'm adding this long introduction before this very short pitch below.

If you've been through the Get Yourself Scam Free Lessons, and the Online Sunshine Plan lessons, then you'll love this stuff - it's great to study someone with their own materials.  However, you have hours and hours of listening to do (that's the problem with videos - time). As you do study these, you can see exactly how this pitch is going down.  It's a great deal of fun, actually.

(Now, I'm collecting these pitches and can dig them up for anyone who wants to study them in retrospect. )

The key point today is to know that you can learn all this stuff and apply it to earn more money from the existing time you have. And yes, you can replace that dreaded day job you have to do right now. It's even possible to actually get into the lifestyle this guy had of living for months at a time in foreign hotels and sucking all their bandwidth down into your laptop - managing your "business" from anywhere on the planet.

Or, like me, you can simply live on a farm and have everything you want, plus incredibly healthy food and time to build great relationships - and do any hobby that makes you happy.

The point of this is to improve your own power of choice and allow to you create the world you've always dreamed of. Learning how to make money online easily is just one of the steps in this.

PS. Yes, I really am going to review all these videos - I've got them all now - it's just part of my own study. So you'll get the snippets and pieces as I do. Luck to us all.

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