Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are you going to see in Coffee Shop Millionaire

OK, I took the leap. Signed up and everything.

Of course, I felt I owed it to you after all the snarky comments I made in the earlier research - nothing could be that hokey. I had to check it out for myself - after all, it's a free trip if it didn't work out - guaranteed refund and so on.

Now, like any particular joint venture, you are going to get additional offers. On this site, all of them seem to be good ones. It just depends on what your budget is and what you need to do - and how fast.

The point (IMHO) is to keep your hunger in check. Just because you wind up in a candy store, there's no reason to try to eat everything at once.  You want to go in, look around and see what's available.

No one will probably be able to use all of the material here - there's just too much and there isn't any reason to gorge yourself.

The bottom line, after all, is your bottom line.

Now, I haven't gone through all the videos (this takes some time - and some bandwidth.)

But let's go over the first three under Cash Machines:

Under Cash Machines, you'll see Local Cash Machines, Newsletter Cash Machines, Article Cash Machines, and Video Cash Machines.

This section is great for starting right off, and they are all designed with having nothing more than just your own energetic approach and some time. Sure, they all ramp up (like any business), but the point is to get started with what you have - your mind, your two hands, and your time (plus a working internet connection).

I liked the Local Cash Machine - which is great for helping out your local community. Most of the businesses out there aren't Internet savvy, even though they got someone to design a snazzy website for them. They don't know that an email list is something they can make real repeat business from. And they don't know that having a blog will take them to the top of their particular niche in the search engine rankings.

Newsletter Cash Machine goes over the point that a lot of people have lists, but often they either don't mail to them enough to get the most value out of them - or simply got tired of it. Fabricio Cruz, as he did with the Local Cash Machine, go over the simple steps of how you can find and contact these list owners so you can arrange a deal and start marketing to their lists with a regular newsletter. And he gives pointers about what should be in that newsletter to ensure people keep coming right along with you.

Article Cash Machines was my overall favorite so far - but that's because I find it easy to write (too easy, if you want to check out my publishing house)  - this is also due to the very personal approach Sue La Pointe takes in working with you so share her inside information about how to write and make money at it. By the end of the third video, I was getting quite excited to get going. Of course, I'm going back to cover these again so I make sure I have it straight - and taking notes this time. But she made it rather simple to get started with this.

Right now, I'm getting ready to watch the Video Cash Machine. And that should be pretty good - lots of people are springboarding off video's into income-producing avenues. So this should be interesting to find the inside information on how it's being done.

And I did jump ahead to some of the other videos - but this is enough for today.

- - - -
If you haven't already signed up for the pre-release Coffee Shop Millionaire, I'm recommending that you do. Sure, I'm the calloused cynic as far as Internet Marketing offers - but this is simply something that has proved out to be more value than the low intro price will cost you. Doesn't mean you make money online instantly, but Andrew is giving way more value than anyone else I've seen down this line. And even at the lowest level - without opting to buy into higher packages - you get all these videos right off the bat.

So - tomorrow, look for more video's from Coffee Shop Millionaire vault. And here's wishing you the millions that are waiting for you...

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