Saturday, February 9, 2013

A New Review of Anthony Trister's "CoffeeShop Millioniaire"

What's the Secret to Anthony Trister's Success?


Look, he figured out how to get all this stuff up there and then went off to let it run for awhile. It ran down - no surprise there.

As I mentioned earlier, he's hired someone to re-work it and get it all snazzy again.

Those are the good points. Same old material, great new face. Works as well as it ever did.

The new design has problems...

  • All the videos are high-res. Means it will suck your bandwidth down.
  • There aren't any accompanying PDF's or text, so you're stuck with just the video for his "Advanced" training. Modules are a tiny bit better, but the "slides" are simply what he used to put the video's together, so again - it's entirely video-based. 
  • Cash Machines - which were the real value - are now in the VIP Access area.
  • Resources page isn't bad, but it's so general that you get no real use out of it. (Like a link to Twitter?!?)

Coffeeshop Millionaire logoThe main point the Coffeeshop Millionaire site proves is that there is more money to be made from people who don't have a clue. All this site is laid out to do is to simply whet your appetite for more - and then sell you his coaching. The site is simply set up to upsell you.

But that's what Trister is honest about from the get-go.

And the real value is in his "Million Dollar Launch Secrets" and that "$21K System" - which lay out just how to do affiliate launches which are successful. That tells you everything you need to know about what Trister thinks about and what he's planning.

If you're new to Internet Marketing and "earning extra income online," let me give you some free tips to follow:

The Challenge - from Ed Dale and Robert Somerville - is 8 weeks of incredible (free) training. All with video's and accompanying PDF's.

They use (as I do as well) Market Samurai, which is hands down the key tool to use in any Market Research. Their Dojo has the best training I've seen on the Internet for how to use one tool to get your keywords and everything else sorted out.

And if you've been around for awhile, and particularly if you've been into Network Marketing or are active in it today, you should really check out MLM Rock Stars, which has the best set of training for someone just starting out (or wondering what they should be doing) with Network Marketing.

Yes, each of those has paid versions you can opt-in for. Samurai is just a one-time purchase with lifetime support. The other's training is so basic it will last your entire lifetime. I go back to them regularly just to refresh what I should be doing and get new insights.

The tip on Coffeeshop Millionaire is to get some video downloader and save them to your hard-drive. That way, you are only having to download them once - instead of throwing away broadband.

Tips from someone who's been around this block before

  • Keep your eyes open. 
  • Remember that you always have a way to leave the way you came. 
  • If is sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

My own answer to all this is a single book you can buy. Online Sunshine Plan - written right after I managed to extract myself from a real scam. So I put the bulk of Internet marketing into a realistic view from someone who was "once burnt, twice shy." That link goes to my own book page, where you can choose to get the ebook or paperback. There's more about it on at a dedicated site - Most of the book is posted, and an online course as well. All free.

Soon, as I dig down this pile, I'll be updating this for you and making it more worthwhile to both of us. (You'll see some recent research on how to write, publish, and sell books online - which is a new addition to it. More on that later.)

For now - have fun with this. Don't take it seriously - and don't spend money you don't have...

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