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How to Find a Millionaire

What Are the Four Questions any Real Millionaire Can Answer Instantly?

How to Find a Millionaire - Money: How to Get it, Keep it.

A millionaire isn't a person who has a million dollars.

A millionaire has the mindset to earn that much and more.

Anyone can develop this mindset, but only one in a million (on average) actually has. (That's the real meaning behind "millionaire.")

Once you've developed this mindset, and invested yourself in learning how to do what you need to do in order to earn the income and resources you require, then your first million - and all the subsequent millions and billions - are simple.

There are four questions which any millionaire can answer instantly when you ask them:
  1. What is your burning desire?
  2. Are you sure enough of yourself that you could be put on a stage in any major city - dressed in only bib overalls and a flannel shirt - and keep a full audience captivated for a half-hour speech?
  3. Do you know the how-to's and know-how of your industry or chosen business so well that you could be set down in any location on this planet where you know the language and make a complete success just from what you know?
  4. How much value do you give away openhandedly?

How did you do on this test?

Any you couldn't answer immediately can be solved. You can train yourself into becoming a millionaire. It will take some investment of time and money, and it won't happen overnight.

But all those "1%'ers" who control 99% of the wealth on this planet did just that. They invested in themselves and in what they needed to know, and then trained themselves with discipline to do what they needed to in order to become the success they wanted.

Let's take these all in turn:

1. Your burning desire. Of course, this comes from Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich." Studies of successful people showed that those who had written out their exact goal before they left high school usually made it. Those around them who didn't write out their goal usually didn't.

Hill (and many, many others) said to write this out on a piece of paper, or a 3x5 card, and put it in your pocket so you can review it every day, 2 or 3 times a day, getting the impression that this has already happened - embracing all the great feelings that go along with that state.

Get his book. Read it. Read it again. Do every action he tells you to in that book. Read it again. Apply it to your life. Read that book at least once a year from this point forward.

Now when someone asks you for your burning desire, you can simply rattle it off.

2. You have to be completely sure of yourself. This is esteem. Most people have problems with this area. Our school system and workplaces (due to government regulations) are filled with props that  support a person their entire life. Even "retirement" is supposedly taken care of.

And this is why most people are broke and dependent by the time they get ready to retire. They've relied on these props their entire life and followed the advice they've been given.

Successful entrepreneurs learn to ignore conventional wisdom and bring new solutions to the market in spite of what they are told. Read up on Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, all the great movers and shakers. (That is actually what Napoleon Hill did in order to write his bestseller.)

The shortcut route I've found is to get Earl Nightingale's Strangest Secret and follow the 30-day program he has outlined there. Read the books he recommends, such as Hill's book. Dorothea Brande's Wake Up and Live, and Claude Bristol's Magic of Believing. If you have problems speaking in front of people, get Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Internalize these for yourself.

3. You have to know how your industry works from the inside out. You don't have to know all the details, but you have to know and have access to people who do.

For an online entrepreneur, I tell people that there are four subjects you need to master:
a. Attraction Marketing
b. Affiliate Marketing
c. Content Marketing
d. Network Marketing
 While you will probably need to weed out some oddball ideas, if you find the really successful people in these areas, and then find out what they know, you'll be able to learn this for yourself.

  • Attraction Marketing: Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall
  • Affiliate Marketing: Michael Campbell
  • Content Marketing: Copyblogger, Problogger
  • Network Marketing: Mike Dillard, Ann Seig/Mike Klingler

4. Hill also said, "You have to give before you can get."  His mentor, Andrew Carnegie, made a deal with God - that once he made his fortune, he'd give it all away. That is where most of our U.S. public libraries came from. Most of the extremely rich give their wealth away. It's these, not the government, which forms the back bone of the charities in the U.S. (Government handouts by study are known to increase poverty, inefficiency, and waste - not solve them.) Individual charities address specific areas in order to improve them - and do.

In order to attract value, you have to openhandedly give value away without expecting a return. If you want to make millions, you have to help people make their own millions - like Ray Kroc and Sam Walton both did. You enable people to improve their lives in order to improve your own. 

Know that the "Rule of the Millionaire" applies:
  • 1 out of a hundred will accept the offer of learning how to get rich.
  • 1 out of a thousand will complete any study course in this area.
  • 1 out of ten thousand will apply what they learned to break-even.
  • 1 out of a hundred thousand will become well-off from using that knowledge routinely.
  • 1 out of a million will become outrageously rich and stay that way forever.
 So while you always give in order to enable people - allow them to take a course or buy a product which can improve their lives - don't expect more than a few out of a hundred to become successful at this.

This of course means that you have to reach millions in order to make more millionaires like yourself. But realize that you are improving the lives of 900,000 while you do...

Once you can answer those 4 questions affirmatively, honestly, and without pause, then you are more than on your road to becoming outrageously rich and successful.

For you, now it's just a matter of when, not if.
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