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Master These Four Sets of Knowledge and Succeed

There are really just four sets of data which leverage your time and money into millions in income.

Four Cowboys? (detail)
(not our first rodeo - just cowboy up...)

Of course, it's taken me years to narrow down to just these. And I wish I had some simple affiliate programs I could send you to - but this is just an off-the-cuff blog post, not  a full release with videos and everything.

It's also a work in progress - but I thought you would want to know when there was a breakthrough.

The four courses of study you'll need to master:
1. Attraction Marketing
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Network Marketing

Yes, they all have marketing in the name - isn't that interesting.

In tracing down the back trails of millionaires, you'll find that while they got rich seemingly overnight, they actually spent years in study preparing themselves. They realized that they had to learn two skills:
a. How to copywrite
b. How the mind works 
Those really just describe marketing in its essence - how to communicate with people and offer them what they think they want.

My own challenge in this - as covered somewhat in "Get Your Self Scam Free" - was to figure out an ethical approach in marketing.

Because people can think they want or need this or that, but the question is what you think. 97% or more of them out there just are here to be entertained. That's why they have jobs and why most will retire broke and dependent on the government or relatives. They muddle through their lives in pursuit of happiness. Thanks to the laws and culture built up, this is a fairly safe route. It's easier to muddle through than become an outrageous success.

It's easier to be one of the masses than it is to be a millionaire. While there are some occastional protests (and attempts at regulation through taxation) - most people would like to be a millionaire, but realize it is easier just to go along with the crowd.

This was described by Earl Nightingale in his Strangest Secret in 1956. That long ago. Listen to that recording (or read it in the linked book) and you'll see the statistics he quotes haven't changed much. The percentages are the same.

Nightingale, T. Harv Eker, and Mike Dillard are the examples I've kept running into of people who were able to factually achieve their millions in a comparatively short time. Each of them spent years learning their craft, and then in a short time were able to move into a heady high-income altitude.

They each studied:
a. How to write and market
b. What made people tick.

Then they came out with a product which filled a need and was highly leveraged.

After that, they reinvested both their knowledge and finances in order to make subsequent millions.

Attraction Marketing

That is exactly what is covered in learning how to attract customers and prospects instead of chasing them. Perry Marshall and Mike Dillard both credit Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing for their start - and Dillard also followed Perry Marshall's lead. However, you'll need to get a copy of Kennedy's stuff to see the real deal. Both Dillard and Marshall mixed what they learned with other data. While you can study either of them to get successful, you'll need to dig in and get these and other books to really understand and get to the point where everything clicks.

Affiliate Marketing

In learning to market other people's products, you'll learn all the current in's and out's of what you have to do to achieve passive income. It's all built on how well you can copywrite - how well you understand what people think they want and how to give it to them.

You'll also learn how fulfilment and delivery is done - all without having to create a product yourself. By figuring how to improve your own sales, you'll find what makes a good product - which will then prove your own understanding of human psychology as valid.

Content Marketing

This Internet-driven world we live in is all about being able to find valuable content. How you give this content to others is what keeps bringing people to you. Dillard say's "people are basically lazy" and want stuff presented to them. Content marketing is the point of searching and pre-digesting data to people in a format they like and will return to. This makes you an authority in this area, which is a key point of Dillard's approach, but also is a factor which any successful millionaire has done. This also comes back to Magnetic Marketing, as the alpha leader is the one who attracts followers.

This isn't difficult to learn, but again, it's built on your own understanding of - and ability to apply - copywriting and sales-psychology, in a non-salesy approach required in this Internet Age. That's why you study this third.

Network Marketing

Often derided as pyramid schemes and general scams, this is the most highly-leveraged business you can be part of. It's problem is that the whole subject has long appeared booby-trapped. The reality is that 97% of the people who sign up are expecting to just flow along like another job.

3% of them will do the hard work to keep those other 97% motivated and pushing product to people around them. The practical point is that those 3% will find out that they are doing more training than anything else.

But once they have an effective system they can train others on, they can acquire a stable downline which builds itself.

Network Marketing trains a person to run a business. A virtual business which produces regular online passive income. It trains you to have the people skills you need. And it trains you to be dispassionate about your business itself, but intensely focused on your own business success.

After this:

Somewhere in affiliate marketing, you learn about joint-ventures - which is the backbone of Affiliate Marketing. There is a point where you work out your own product and brand. This is where you'll then really rocket - on top of all the success you've already had.

For Dillard, Nightingale, and Eker, this is where they started on their next fortune - which was not a second million, but tens of millions. It's a whole new level of operating. It's where the actual "1%" live and work.

Anyone can do it. Most don't. Because it takes hard work and study. Of course. you can always fall back to the regular and hum-drum existence you've had up to this point.

My job is just to tell you that it's possible. I'm here to find and dissect those who have already done this, to let you know their secrets. As I do, I refine what I know - and give you the best tools I know of so you can do it on your own.

See you up the line.
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