Monday, September 24, 2012

Made From Scratch Home Business - Prelude

What follows the slow demise of CoffeeShop Millionaire is an unlikely sequel. 

But this one doesn't feature exotic locations as a place to visit, unless you are already living there and want your own home-made business.

Too many of us are sitting out here (wherever "here" is) with very little to start with and needing some direction.

For us, the idea of "made from scratch" is more realistic, as scratch is all we really have to start with.

Tired of broke or the J-O-B (just over broke) situation and wanting to really do something about it all.

Well, you're looking at the next millionaire when you look in the mirror. Because there is a simple way to do this - and it is custom-made to exactly what you have around the house.

Stay tuned to this blog (up there on the right is an email subscription - add your email and it will come to you daily) so you can get the latest developments.

This is all being tested as we go, and it's not a "big name" production. Just real folks who are figuring it out on our own - just like you...

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