Monday, September 24, 2012

Weird things happening at CSM...

After I've been ranting about how it's a scam and what-not - someone has gone and changed things around.

Now there's  not all the access to great materials, but the videos are back. New design and more accessible.

Still checking this out, but thought you'd be interested in an update.

Update: The old site is over at - this is obviously someone rebuilding the scene. I just pulled up my scraped versions of the old videos and it's apparent they are just going through a new template and adding the video's one at a time.  There seems to be some hit-and-miss "new" content which is linked directly. Any video that has to come up in a pop-up doesn't.

Someone has paid a designer to do some nice stuff here. An ongoing scene...

Update: Yes, it's looking like a new launch is upcoming. There are no options now for the low-res or podcast versions - just the high-bandwidth video's. If you sign in with your old login, you now get access to all those video's which were an insight into how their "aggressive" (read: over-hyped) product launches are done. (I'll stick with Jeff Walker.) 

And for now, they've moved the "Cash Machines" over into the VIP area, substituting them with some sort of narrated slideshows on 12 modules which I guess is supposed to be some sort of newbie training. (Save your bandwidth - download the PDF's and read them instead.)

And a corporation has been formed - "Coffee Shop Millionaire Education Inc." or something. Once they get their designing done, look for some more affiliate traffic happening. Their video's tell about relaunches...

New Review

If you check out Warrior Forum, you'll get a more balanced approach to this. Seems the subject isn't for newbies as it isn't organized well enough. And the "underground video's" are interesting, but worth just about the $37 you have to pay for access (although they point out you can get in for $27 if you simply try to leave the sales page and take their down-sell.)

As usual, just looking out for you.

What is interesting is that this blogger blog is ranking so well these days. This is because most of the affiliate buzz is gone. These guys took down their sites and blogs and have abandoned this scene after they got what they wanted out of it. And now, I don't have much competition in this area.

Which is good for you, as now you can get the straight scoop on how things run.

Here's a model I do recommend - and it's all free marketing training. (If you "go pro", it's just under $15 a month - MLM RockStars. While it deals with Network Marketing, the same approach they teach can be applied to any type of online marketing.

Check it out.

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