Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Real Product Launch Blueprint

Here's a quick post.

Forget what Anthony Trister and these character friends are saying in their "underground" (read: really stupid camera work) videos. Just forget them.

Go get a real pro, who has a much better track record than this show-up-and-disappear Trister guy.

Meet Jeff Walker: 

And click on his picture - you'll go to his blog.

What he's done that's important is to give some real high-quality videos (professionally done) which tell you not just how to do a JV launch professionally, but how to do a ton of other types of launches. And he was recently interviewed by Forbes, who called him the $400 million dollar man - which is based on how much money he's created through his launches.

The great point - and I just stumbled onto this myself - is that he's put these videos out for free.

Just click on that link above (no, it's not an affiliate link, sorry.)

You'll want to download the videos (as I did) so you can watch them over and over without burning through your bandwidth (yes, the video's auto-start.)

Good Hunting!

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